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“Escape is a truly creative place for any hour of the day!”
Albert Hammond JR. – The Strokes
Escape Line
Whatever your needs, clients can be accommodated in a wide ranging combination of sleeping quarters. Escape and enjoy an unforgettable journey through the desert.


A two bedroom mid-century modern cottage complete with kitchenette and bathroom located next door to Studio 1.


Situated within Studio 2, this modern 3 bedroom house provides the perfect accommodations for groups immersed in Studio 2 creative recording + rehearsal projects. All accommodations can be included with other studios depending on client's requirements.

THE residence

A two bed home situated next to Studio 2 and our well. This building contains one king with en-suite bathroom and Escape's Songwriting Suite, complete with Queen engineers quarters. This property is conveniently attached to the Wellness Area.

THE Airstreams

Three unique airstreams on the property vary in size but equal in vibes. The 1954 Cruisette Airstream is one of only 70 in existence!
Escape Aerial View