Giant Bunnies, Hurricanes... What else could you ask for? / by Rocco Gardner

OCTOBER 30, 2012

On October 27 2012 (yes that’s right the day before Hurricane Sandy), 10 teams of brave Escapees met at Milk Studios at 8 AM.  Armed only with their super hero costumes, handing over all their cash, they escaped into the real world on a mission to travel as far as they could in 24 hours using only their wit and charm.

Giant bunny rabbits were spotted in Washington DC, Mario and Luigi frolicking in the corn fields in upstate New York, The Dude and Pretty Woman trying to get through the TSA wearing just their underwear, two pussy cats raiding a Wallgreens in South Beach Miami.... and a couple of janitors boarding a flight for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Over $20,000 were raised for good causes and millions tuned in to watch the Escape online.  

How far would you go to ESCAPE FOR GOOD?